Providing the world's first Motorized Weapons Cleaning System!
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Every rifleman’s dream-come-true cleaning tool!

BLAZnTECH is proud to introduce the world's first and only Motorized Weapons Cleaning System, a pocket-sized tool that manages to quickly and effectively (without any disassembly) clean most commonly used rifles and handguns! Made from glass-reinforced nylon, assembled in the United States, and covered by a 3 year limited warranty, the (MWCS) is guaranteed to provide a luxurious cleaning experience. Founded by a combat veteran who personally discovered the need for such a device during his time overseas, BLAZnTECH is a veteran-owned and operated company that takes great pride in delivering its necessity-based invention to an industry that is already calling the product "a vacuum in a market full of brooms”.

The MWCS is intended to be used with no disassembly of the weapon; simply insert the system into the chamber via ejection port or barrel, turn it on, and witness the magic! Rotating at 300rpm, the custom nylon brushes cause no damage to the weapon, providing enough rigidity to ensure that carbon, powder residue, and fouling are effectively removed. For lowlight situations, the MWCS also has a built-in LED light option to help with identifying carbon and checking your work.

Glass-Reinforced Nylon Enclosure!

Bright White LED!

300+ RPM!

Proprietary Brush-Socks (100% Cotton)!

Redesigned Brushes!

3 Year Limited Warranty!



Central Texas Returning Heroes Golf Tournament

November 13, 2015
These past few days have been truly amazing for the BLAZnTECH team in Blanco, Texas! We have been honored to sponsor the Central Texas Returning Heroes Golf Tournament, helping a non-profit organization (lead by combat veterans) raise money for veterans and first responders in need of psychological and financial help. Should any of our awesome fans and supporters desire to help a passionate organization that’s most effective in its difficult work with veterans, visit to donate.


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We the people of BLAZnTECH, in order to form a more perfect corporation, establish a code of ethics, promote the safe and responsible use of firearms, develop innovative products, share our blessings with those who are less fortunate, stand vigilant against the tyranny that our nations founders sought to shield us from.


Benjamin Bondar
Founder & CEO
CJ  Dugan
Business Development
William  H. Tate
Michael Penney
Nick Udall
Director of Engineering
Steven Tkachuk
Product Design