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Keep Your Ballistics and Guns True

Most gun enthusiasts love the anticipation of the overwhelming joy that is felt as the sights are aligned and the trigger is slowly depressed. The hammer falls on the firing pin thrusting it forward to slam into the primer. That split second as the internal spark ignites the gun powder, pushing your projectile forward down the barrel at speeds of 2,580 ft/s. The smell of the burnt powder, the recoil of the rifle that then sounds that beautiful steel down range. This, my friends, is what a lot of us live for.

Fast-forward to the end of the day. You and your brothers-in-arms had an amazing day on the range. You’ve pushed yourself and your equipment to the max. You’ve made some improvements and you’ve learned some valuable lessons. What next? Time to break out the old-school cleaning kit. You’ve spent a lot of money on some tools that require a lot of time to get that star chamber spotless. Yes, the dreaded star chamber………..

What we have, and are bringing to market, significantly reduces that most precious commodity that is equal to everyone (TIME). Our patented tool has been designed to clean your chamber as efficiently and as safely as anything on the market. Many of us have spent countless hours on weapons maintenance. What you will find with BLAZnTECH’s Motorized Weapon Cleaning System is a method that will bring your chamber to near zero carbon deposit without damaging it. All while spending a fraction of the time and without using the parts cleaners that can damage your weapon accessories.

Let’s start to change the way the gun industry looks at weapons maintenance.


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